~~Winged Blackbird~~Sold

Perched atop an antique block.  Blackbird is made from nubby linen, firmly stuffed and paint washed.. wings are held in place with little stitches and are of a different cloth. I used glass beads for eyes and wrapped the stand in antique blue calico..  Letters on the block are "U" and "X", the block is wonderfully aged by time. 

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Jack~~ Farmhouse kitty~~~  SOLD ... Jack will be making his new home in Kentucky~~

Jack is made from antique feed sacking, partially rag stuffed, and aged with color wash. His eyes are antique shoe buttons, his tail is cotton homespun in a yummy brown and cream color. I made a wee collar from antique leather and stitched on a tiny rusted bell , then added a little tie of antique blue calico. Jack sits nicely and is oh so sweet..

Please contact me to purchase or should you have questions.. Barbarayoung818@yahoo.com

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SOLD..... Thank you

~~Bluebird of Happiness~~ Spoken for>>> thank you

I had such fun creating this wee hand stitched bird.... each and every fabric is antique and beautiful, in wonderful early blues and thin soft brown and cream homespun... antique buttons and a sweet antique tin put the finishing touch on this one of a kind folky piece...
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Wishing you lovely spring days.