~~ Sisters Chickens ~~ Spoken For

Wonderful  antique feed sack with the best texture was used as a base for this pillow. 11 X 9 is the approximate size, mostly rag stuffed and gently aged with walnut dye.

Various colors of over dyed wool make up the applique pieces, old red, faded mustard, brown and a touch of beautiful blue.

As you can see there is a patch at the top of this pillow. The patch is an original mend and is truly wonderful just  to think that someone patched the feed sack.. It was my favorite part of the sack and makes it very special...

Pattern for Sisters Chickens is from the talented Wendy of Pineberry Lane, and over dyed wools come from Yellow Dog Lane. Check out these ladies if you are in need of inspiration.

Please do let me know should you wish to purchase this pillow.


Wishing each of you a wonderful summer and I do sincerely thank you for your visit.

All My Best to you,


~~ Mustard Bird ~~  Spoken For

Antique linen was used on front of pillow and very old feed sack with advertising is used on the back.
Mostly rag stuffed.  Size is approximate ~ 8 X 11, a lovely size for many places.

Over dyed wools in mustard, brown and a bit of lovely blue were used for applique design.
I added a couple of old button just for fun.

Please drop a line should you wish to purchase  this fine pillow.


Thank you for taking a look and for your visit...


~~ Paper Winged Blackbird ~~  Spoken For

The base upon which the blackbird sits is  an antique tin, "Union Leader"  in beautiful muted shades of red with graphics of a proud eagle. 

I made a tuffet from old and wonderful red and tan ticking and perched the simple bird atop.  Aged papers make the wings, with bits of antique blue calico here and there , along with antique bone buttons and one old shoe button...

This tin is perfect for holding pins or simply sitting in a cupboard or on a shelf.

Please contact me should you wish to purchase the Paper Winged Blackbird or if you have a question.